Custom Pet Portrait Oil Painting

Custom Pet Portrait Oil Painting

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  • Can't believe @amberartgallerysg artist painted these two paintings to perfection.. they both mean so much to me and I am constantly mesmerised by how it's done so very beautifully.


  • My grandma loves her birthday present! Thanks for everything so life like!

    -Iris Arielle Lee

  • Thank you for the beautiful portrait
    The wait is worth it all - Love is four legged word


  • Mummy got a amazing portrait of me and my little brother! The portrait is so lifelike!. #toypoodle #sgdoglover #sgdog
    #sgpet #babywithdog


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    How It Works!

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    Step 1: Provide Your Photo(s)

    Upload your photo when placing the order or email to

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    Step 2: Customize Your Artwork

    You can add in your pet’s name, choose background color, canvas size etc.

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    Step 3: Artwork Creation Begins

    Once order is received, we will start work ASAP, and you will be updated on the progress.

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    Step 4: Approval & Delivery

    Once the artwork is approved by you, we will proceed to process it and prepare for delivery!

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    Step 5: Show It Off!

    Take photos of your artwork with your pet/loved ones and show it off to the world! Tag us @amberartgallerysg

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Let’s Help The Animals In Need

Amber Art Gallery supports Animal Welfare Groups. We donate a portion of our profits to this wonderful and caring community.

Please contact us if you want to work together to raise donations for your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the pet/human DO NOT need to be physically present. We will only require photos of the pet/human which you will like to paint. So it's much more convenient!

The duration depends on the complexity of the painting. Typically, it will take about 8-12 weeks to complete an oil painting. Painting: 6-8 weeks Framing: 1-2 weeks Delivery: 1-2 weeks

No. Our Oil Paintings are 100% Hand-painted from scratch by our professional Master Artists, each of whom has decades of experience under their belt. The life-likeness of the paintings is the result of masterful practice in the painting arts by our artists. That being said, we also do offer Photo Print On Canvas, as well as Photo Print on Wood (and other materials) to help our customers create different types of memorial keepsakes and customized gifts for themselves and their loved ones. You can refer to our Online Store to check out the last promotional prices

This varies from artist to artist and may depend on their workload at the time of your order. Typically, you can expect a turnaround time of anywhere from 1-4 weeks.

We will work with you to make revisions or adjustments to the portrait until you are satisfied with the final result. However, it's important to communicate your needs and expectations clearly from the beginning to avoid any misunderstandings.

Definitely! A digital human portrait can also be a wonderful gift for someone who appreciates art. To ensure the best outcome, it's important to provide a clear photograph of the person and to convey any specific instructions or preferences upfront.

Our store accepts most major credit cards such as VISA & MASTERCARD. We also accept payment via Paypal as well.

NOTE: Product will only be shipped out upon full payment!

We take pride in our service and products, and to be honest, we are confident of them.
As such, we are offering a 100% FULL REFUND SATISFACTION GUARANTEE to you!

This means that in any case that you are not satisfied with the final product, we will provide you with a 100% FULL REFUND*! That's our promise to you! But we are betting that you will be getting another one for yourself or for your loved ones!

That's Our Promise To You!

(*Refund Amount will be less 10% Payment Gateway Transaction Charges. In addition, the artwork will be kept by the company and used as sample reference for other customers & as decoration for our workshop)

Your feedback is extremely important to us! To leave a review, click here and scroll to the bottom of the Product Page where you see reviews and click the button that says "Write a Review."

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