Unleash Your Creativity at Space Pawdyssey's Paint By Numbers Workshop

Unleash Your Creativity at Space Pawdyssey's Paint By Numbers Workshop



We're excited to announce we will be conducting a series of Paint By Numbers Art Jamming Workshop over the next 3 weekends (26-27 Aug, 2-3 Sep and 9-10 Sep) @ The Star Vista's event: "A Space Pawdyssey"!

Get ready to embrace your creativity and join fellow pet lovers for a unique painting experience!



Special Early Bird Pricing @ $40/set is available until tonight

24 Aug 2023 (Thu) 23:59:59H.

So hesitate no more and order yours by clicking on the button below now!


We've prepared something truly special to match the event theme – 10 pet breeds in adorable spacesuit designs! These exclusive designs will add a cosmic touch to your artwork.

 Up To 10 Pre-Designed Breeds In Spacesuit Template Available!


Order & Collect: Pre-order your Paint By Numbers kit featuring your favorite pet breed in a spacesuit. Collect it at the event, and paint at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Book your slot for collection by clicking on the link below!

On-the-Spot Workshop: Join our FREE workshops at the event venue itself and paint alongside fellow pet owners. Connect, create, and share the experience together! Book your slots by clicking on the link below!


Ready to get started? Place your order for your Paint By Number Painting Kit by clicking the link below:


P.S. Kindly allow some time for website to load due to high web traffic to event page



Frequently Asked Questions

O) Must I Follow The Template Exactly? Can I customised it myself?

A) Yes you can do your own self-adjustments and customisation! Be inspired by these 3 pet owners who managed to create their own custom pet portrait during our Paint-by-Numbers Art Jamming Workshop! All 3 artworks are actually based on the same "Poodle" line art template!


O) Can I sit with my friends during the workshop!

A) Yes you can! You can also place your order and book your workshop slot on behalf of your friends for your own coordination convenience! Just come to Star Vista and let the event staffs know which name is your order booked under. Make sure to book early as there are limited spots for each workshop slots 

O) Can you create a fully customised PBN artwork for me to paint myself!

A) Yes we do! Do note that for fully customised PBN order, it will take around 2-4 weeks to complete. Check out more information here: https://amberartgallery.sg/products/custom-digital-art-paint-by-numbers-style

 O) Is It Suitable For Adults and Children?

A) Yes! Our Paint By Numbers Artwork templates are designed in a way such that both Children and Adults can enjoy the experience! It is not too challenging such that kids cannot handle them, nor is it too easy until it becomes too boring for adults. 

 In fact, it depends on your artistic skill and experiences, rather your your age (i.e. a kid can also potentially complete it faster than an adult!) Typically, it should take around 1-3 hours to complete the artwork!

O) Can I still enjoy the Early bird Discount After Tonight?

A) As the name implies, the special early bird pricing is only available for customers who place their orders early prior to the deadline! Make sure to click on the link early to confirm your spot and avoid disappointment! 

O) I may have more questions, how should i contact you?

A) Simply reply to this email! or u can also DM us on our FB / IG @amberartgallerysg




For those who can't physically come, we will usually make a Post Event Highlight Video! It will be available once the event has ended. You can watch it on our Youtube and TikTok Channel. Follow us now on our Youtube and Tiktok to be notified everytime we post an update!

Be sure to follow us on our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM page now, so you won't missed out on any upcoming announcements, notifications, and updates!

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