2021 Year End Grand Promo - 50% OFF Custom Pet Portrait Oil Painting

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Don't Miss Out Your BEST CHANCE To Commission Your Custom Pet Portrait Oil Paintings at a WHOPPING 50% OFF!


If you are a Pet Owner & Pet Lover, this is your lucky day!
We are so excited to launch our 2021 YEAR END GRAND PROMO - 50% OFF Custom Pet Portrait Oil Paintings!
If you have been pondering when to get one for yourself or your loved ones, wait no more, this is your BEST Chance to do so!
If you are still sitting on the fence about whether to commission your own custom pet portrait (especially if you are a pet owner yourself), think no more!
Because this is One Of The Best Ways to commemorate and memorialize your pets!

Pets Don't Live Forever, But Their Memories Do!

While pet owners understand that pets have a short lifetime, they still suffer the grief of loss deeply when their pets pass away. As much as we want them to live forever, we can’t! All we can do is desperately try to preserve our memories of them… And one of the best ways to meaningfully memorialize our pets is to commission Custom Pet Portrait Oil Paintings of them!
Hand-painted with sincerity, stroke-by-stroke, these pet portraits are the most meaningful memory keepsakes Pet Owners can ever possess! Each piece is unique and everlasting! The value is priceless! In addition, they serve as the PERFECT gift for celebratory events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. as well!
Don't just take my word for it! You can also see what some of our past customers have to say about their own experiences in commissioning their custom pet portraits with us!

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Interested In Getting Your Very Own Unique, Everlasting Hand-painted Pet Portrait Oil Painting? READ ON!

As part of of our 2021 Year End Grand Promo, we will be offering our Custom Pet Portrait Oil Painting Packages at a WHOPPING 50% DISCOUNT!
The price depends on the size and number of pet and/or human figures (YES! We can paint humans too!) of your painting.
See Promotional Price Chart below for your easy reference!

There's More! Get Up To BONUSES Worth $120++ When You Order TODAY!

If you order today, we will give you these bonuses as well:
  • FREE Courier Delivery - Within SG (Worth $50)
  • FREE Painting Placement Consultation + Digital Mockup (Worth $50)
  • FREE 10-Pcs Physical Pet Portrait Postcards (Worth $20)

Total Bonuses Value = $120++


Don't Forget, We Will Also Give You 100% FULL REFUND SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

We always go the extra mile to ensure that all the customers are happy with the final work! In the rare case that you are not happy with the final artwork, you will get a Full Refund**!
That's our promise to you!
** Refunded amount excludes 10% Transaction Fees, Artwork will be kept by Gallery for decoration and sample purposes.

Here's A Scenario Of What You Get When You Order Today! You actually get more value than 50% OFF!

One of the most popular painting size is 45x60cm. So when you order your very own 45x60cm Custom Pet Portrait Oil Painting, here's what you are going to get:
  • Custom Pet Portrait Oil Painting 1 Pet Figure, 45x60cm*** (Worth $875)
  • FREE Courier Delivery - Within SG (Worth $50)
  • FREE Painting Placement Consultation + Digital Mockup (Worth $50)
  • FREE 10-Pcs Physical Pet Portrait Postcards (Worth $20)

Total Package Value = $995++





The Bad News Is... This 50% OFF Grand Promo will end on 7 Jan 2022 (Fri)

This is a very EXCLUSIVE Promo and it will expire on 7 Jan 2022 (Fri). So make sure you don't miss it! Place Your Order Today!
Each oil painting takes a lot of time, effort, and sincerity to produce; up to 10-12 weeks for each piece. As such, please also note that the earliest delivery of your pet portrait will be around End-March 2022

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There is no better time to order your very own Custom Pet Portrait Oil Painting other than RIGHT NOW!
These Custom Pet Portraits serve more than just decorations in your living and workspace, they are an expression of your love and sincerity. You will not regret commissioning these pet portraits for yourself and/or your loved ones!
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P.S. Promo ends on 7 Jan 2022 (Fri)! Don't miss it!